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eyeblaster in Google Analytics

While looking at the content access statistics in Google Analytics, I’ve noticed that a few of them access a page with the URL /eyeblaster/addineyev2.html. Since I was pretty sure I didn’t have such a page I first thought that my site might have been hacked and checked this page. It led me to the 404 error page. So this URL didn’t exist but some of my visitors were redirected to it. The traffic to this page was not so high (never more than 5 page views a day) but I could see that this added up to 25 page views since mid of February.

Next step was to find out where these visitors were coming from. The navigation summary in Google Analytics for this page looks like this:

eyeblaster Navigation Summary

So half of the visitors came from a previous page and half from outside. The distribution of previous pages was pretty random, so it is definitely not related to specific pages:

Previous Page Path

The addin

But actually the important most visitors leave my blog once redirected. Googling for this issue, I found a Google support page:

If you are trafficking an EyeBlaster Flash creative as a 3rd-party tag, you will need to put the addineyev2.html file to www.example.com/eyeblaster/addineyev2.html

The code for addinexev2.html can be found on adopstools.com. It’s basically just loading a JavaScript file:

<BODY style=margin:0;padding:0>
<SCRIPT src="http://ds.eyeblaster.com/BurstingScript/addineye.js">

If you add this HTML page, you should also make sense to prevent search engines from indexing it by adding the following to your robots.txt:

Disallow: /eyeblaster
Disallow: /addineyeV2.html

Or by adding the following metatag to the head section of this HTML page:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

Blocking MediaMind ads

But since I didn’t feel confortable adding such a webpage to my site (especially since it’s just loading some JavaScript from a third party site), I looked for another solution. If the script was actually hosted by Google I might have trusted it but it’s not the case.

Looking at the referenced JavaScript file, I found out it seems to be related to the MediaMind ad network and googling for it also showed that Eyeblaster rebranded as MediaMind. So an alternative to adding the HTML file above to your website is to block ads from this network. Actually a network which forces you add files to your site (assuming you can add files at all) should actually be blocked by default by Google. But since they haven’t done it, we’ll have to do it manually.

To block this network, you have to go to Adsense, click on Allow & block ads, type “mediamind” in the search box. You’ll see something like this:

eyeblaster: allow block the MediaMind ad network

Then click on the left side button for each of these networks to block them:

eyeblaster: blocking the MediaMind ad network

Now you shouldn’t get these ads which end up redirecting your users to this non-existing HTML page and you’ll display ads from networks which behave better. I’m suspecting that other networks might also be using this script, so I’ll have to monitor this and find out which other ad networks I’ll have to block.

21 thoughts on “eyeblaster: 404 Error for /eyeblaster/addineyev2.html

  1. Thank you so much for such detailed info. I have been googling for an hour now to fix the eyeblaster crawling issue and so glad I landed on this post of yours. I blocked the relevant ad network. Hopefully it will take care of the issues and result in better ad $$.


  2. Many webmasters choose to add that dummy file with javascript to serve those kind of ads, but the only right way to handle it is exactly how you did – punish the faulty ad networks by blocking them from adsense. Once they get blocked by many webmasters maybe will make them write correct code. Once in a while (every 6 months or so) we can unblock them to see if they got their code straight.

  3. Our website doesn’t have any AdSense running for some years now and still we get these bogus requests such as:

    So obviously blocking them from AdSense isn’t solving these requests.

  4. Thanks so much for the detailed post. I’ve been having the same issue and it’s been so frustrating! I appreciate the info.

  5. I saw this issue on my site for a while. I tried to apply your method of blocking that ad network and I hope it works. Btw, did anyone saw revenue change when you blocked this ad network? Also, is there any other ad network like this?

  6. Thanks for the info, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.
    I did block all the Mediamind networks three weeks ago, but those errors keep showing up (over 60 in three weeks).
    Is there something else we can do to fix this?

  7. I saw this issue on my site for a while. I tried to apply your method of blocking that ad network and I hope it works. Btw, did anyone saw revenue change when you blocked this ad network? Also, is there any other ad network like this?

  8. I also came up with this problem once and kinda annoying when you could not find any solution(s). But thanks to your article, I can solve this matter.

    Just curious, how’s the affect on ads revenue?

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