SybaseBuddy: Version 1.2 available

A new version of SybaseBuddy is now available here.

Change log:

Added the following tabs:

  • Lock Info
  • Cached statements

Update the SELECT statement for the “Active processes” tab in order to filter our own spid.

Added support for enabling the statement cache monitoring.

You can now extend the context menus in the tabs in contextmenu.ini. For each menu item, you have to add the following lines:

  • columnname_MENUID=Column name after removing “_”, “-” and ” “
  • menuitem_MENUID=Name of the menu item
  • action_MENUID=execute|askandexecute|displaytable|displayresultsets|displaywarnings
  • sql_MENUID=SQL Statement

If you define “columnname_ID1=tablename”, this menu item will be displayed if you right click on a cell of a column called any of these:

  • TABLENAME i.e. it is case insensitive.
  • table name i.e. it ignores blanks.
  • table_name i.e. it ignores underscores.
  • table-name i.e. it ignores hyphens.

For menuitem, action and sql, you can use the variable %value% which will be replaced by the value of the cell on which you clicked with the right mouse button.

The different actions you can define have the following meaning:

  • execute means that the statement will just be executed without any further action.
  • askandexecute means the user will first be asked whether she really wants to execute the action before executing it.
  • displaytable executes the SQL statement and displays the first result set in a table.
  • displayresultsets executes the SQL statement and displays all results sets in a text area.
  • displaywarnings executes the SQL statement and displays the warnings generated e.g. output by the print command.

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