Eclipse: Setting the proxy configuration

I wanted to install the EGit plugin in eclipse and couldn’t connect to the marketplace. So I checked the proxy settings in Window / Preferences / General / Network Connections.
Proxy settings in Eclipse
It was set by default to Native. My understanding is that Native means to use the settings of the OS. I’m running Windows 7 64 bits. Somehow no connection was possible. So I changed it to Manual and manually entered the proxy hostname and port in all three entries. This didn’t work either.

Then I noticed that the third one wasn’t FTP but SOCKS (I’ve somehow looked at the dialog X times and each time read FTP instead of SOCKS). Since there are checkboxes in front of the entries I tried unchecking the one in front of SOCKS but it didn’t seem to be an editable check box. So I selected SOCKS and pressed Clear. And there it was, I could now connect to the marketplace! I somehow really hate this dialog. From a usability point of view it’s a real mess. But of course if I first had thought and then entered something in the SOCKS entry, I would have saved quite some time… Stupid me…

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  1. Many thanks for this post. I had the same problem after joining a client as a consultant. I couldn’t get m2e to download any artifact, but command-line Maven builds did work and the embedded web browser in Eclipse also worked without a problem. Clearing the authentication details I had entered in SOCKS did the trick 🙂

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