WordPress: No post visible after deactivating FeedWordPress

I’ve installed a plugin called P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). It scans your site and checks which plugin take how much time when loading pages/posts. I saw that FeedWordpress was taking about as much time than all other plugins together. So I deactivated it and wanted to rescan using P3. But the P3 UI was broken, only the a small part of the page was visible and no “Start Scan” was there… So I deactivated it also, reactivated it, but no changes…

I finally gave up and wanted to update a post. But somehow all posts seemed to be gone. The number of published posts, drafts and posts in the trash was right but no post was listed. I then when to benohead.com and could only see the header but no body. My heart started racing ! I thought there might be a problem with the mysql database. But in phpMyAdmin everything looked fine. I even repaired a few tables. But still couldn’t see anything.

So I reactivated FeedWordPress and everything was back. So it was definitely a problem when deactivating the plugin. I googled for it but didn’t find anything (hence this post). I finally realized I had another plugin which might be the cause of the problem: FWP+: Add Attribution. This is basically a plugin extending FeedWordPress. So maybe it was breaking my site because it was activated and FeedWordPress not. So I deactivated it and everything was back !!

I’m glad it was a rather quick fix but I’m really not young enough for such things… At least I’ve now decided to backup my site on a more regular basis, just in case something like this happens again !

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