WordPress: Crayon Syntax Highlighter: The Requested content cannot be loaded Please try again later

I’m using Crayon Syntax Highlighter to display code in my posts. Today I’ve updated it to version 1.12 and when writing the next post, I got the following error message: The Requested content cannot be loaded Please try again later.

Since I’m usually working in the HTML editor and need to have all my code escaped, crayon syntax highlighter isn’t only there so that my code looks like but also escapes all needed characters in the process. Doing it manually really sucks… In case you need an online solution, just found this site. Not sure what are the alternatives but this one worked fine for my last post until I figured out how to fix the crayon problem (well at least temporarily).

So back to the crayon issue, at some point I accidentally switched to the Visual editor (which I actually never use) and came back. Luckily while writing the whole post, I kept forgetting Crayon wasn’t working anymore and clicked everything on the crayon button. And see what happened when I clicked it after switching back from the Visual editor: There it was back !

So now I can use Crayon again. Unfortunately, this workaround doesn’t fix it once and for all, since when I clicked it again, when writing this post I got the same error message until switching to Visual editor and back…

Let’s hope it will work better with Crayon 1.13… Just wished the updates were better tested…

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