Apple: Sorry About Our Maps, Use Google or Bing Maps Instead

Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued a rare apology, admitting that its new Maps tool with iOS 6 isn’t good enough. Cook even went as far as to recommend users download rival services to their devices while improvements in its own tool are worked on.
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I did like the old Google Maps based app better than the new one but for my purposes, the new one is actually OK. I’m amazed to read statements like this coming from Apple. I think it’s kind of refreshing to see that Apple has learned to accept they’re not perfect and that apologizing is sometimes the best thing to do. I wonder how many people will just switch to Google or Bing maps and never look back and how many will have a look at the Apple map once it’s been fixed.

What happened here is something very usual in our industry: we develop something new, do not test it enough and release it. For many of us it just means we’ve missed the train and will not get a second chance. For companies like Microsoft or Apple, it’s a little bit different. I hope this will be a lesson for Apple and will address the next big changes in iOS (or Mac OS) with more humility and realism.

It’s of course a good reason for Apple haters to show the world that Apple is just not as good as it thinks it is. Having used many pieces of software where many things broke with each new version, I tend to just see it as a small rock on the road and hope next one will be better. Anyway I love the new animation when updating emails. Looks like you pulling the head of a Barbapapa. Just for this small change, I feel that moving to iOS 6 was the right decision 🙂

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