WordPress: Hiding the scores in Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

There’s a very nice WordPress plugin called Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP). It finds related posts, computes a relevance score and displays the X posts with the highest score below your posts.

It looks like this:

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It’s great but the display of the score disturbed me (it’s just noise to anybody but me) and I wanted to get rid of it. I searched in the plugin options and couldn’t find anything and just gave up. Today I just happened to open one of my posts with the wrong browser. Since I was not logged in automatically, I could actually see the post the way it looks like to my visitors. And there was the solution ! The scores were gone ! So it actually only displayed the scores because I was logged in. So the answer to the question how the scores could be removed is very simple: they do not have to be removed because nobody but me will see them !

2 thoughts on “WordPress: Hiding the scores in Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

  1. Thanks! It drove me crazy. It even took a little doing to find any mention on Google of why the score was showing and then I finally found your article. It should really be mentioned on the YARPP plugin page on WordPress.

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