Strong IPhone 5 Sales Help Apple Overtake Android in U.S.

New data show that IOS has once again pushed past Android in the U.S. The statistics show that IOS now has a 48.1 percent share of U.S. smartphone sales, compared to Android’s 46.7 percent share. Android still has the lead in Europe
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This is most probably entirely related to the recent release of iPhone 5. But it’s good to see that there is still a lot of fighting at the top of smartphone sales. This will make sure that both parties will keep innovating in order to reclaim or keep their position at the top.

I wasn’t aware that the release of a new smartphone model had such a huge impact on sales. I’m more the kind of guy to only look at a new phone when my old phone just doesn’t fit anymore. But I guess there are lots of people out there renewing their smartphones more often.

It’d be interesting to see whether the search interest trend lines and the sales lines actually match. Here a comparison of iphone and android on Google trends:

The peaks are all releases of a new iphone model.

If you compare these worldwide trends with the one’s in Germany (which is one of the markets dominated by Android), you see no real difference:

But if you look at the trends in Spain (another market dominated by Android), you see a different picture with mugh higher interest in Android:

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