One year

Last month, it was the first anniversary of the domain. Over the past year, there were many times where I had so much to do that I couldn’t write much but I guess I’ve managed to always get back to blogging before it was too late and it cost me too much effort to write again.

Judging by the amount of Spam I’m getting, the blog has become quite successful (just ignore the figures for may 2013 as I took the screenshot some time ago. I assume it will be around 20000 spam comments at the end of the month):

Spam history

Actually I really thought in November that Akismet stopped working since I was getting some unfiltered Spam comments. But I then realized, it was just because the number of Spam comments exceeded 5000 a month. So 12 missed spam comments is only like 0.25%… Fortunately, it wasn’t only the amount of Spam comment which increased but also the number of visitors. Now about 8000 unique visitors a month:

visitors one year

Of course you can see that the number of visitors is not really growing anymore but I guess it’s already not bad for a technical blog where I only write once in a while.

Comparing the first 6 months of the blog with the past 6 months shows a few interesting facts:

  • The number of visitors increased by over 200% (i.e. multiplied by more than 3).
  • US visitors still account for over 20% of visitors and are thus by a large margin the #1 country in the statistics.
  • Although they have absolutely increased, the number of visitors from the US and Germany have relatively to the total number of visitors decreased by resp. 12% and 21%.
  • India has taken over Germany as #2.
  • The highest relative increase in the top 10 countries was China moving from 1.75% to 2.5%. So still a small absolute number of visitors compared to the US, India or Germany, but with a high growth.
  • The #1 browser is still Google Chrome (and it’s share has actually slightly increased to 41%). Firefox is still #2, very stable at 30%. Safari lost ground from 17% to 14%. IE gained 2% (currently at 11.7%). Of all 5 browsers with over 1% share, Opera had the better relative improvement moving from 1.32% to 1.75%.
  • On the operating system front, there are only 3 of them with more than 1% share (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). iOS went down from 2.9% to 0.63% (I’ll have to check whether it’s related to how my blog looks like on mobile devices, since Android also decreased from 1% to almost 0%). Windows is still #1 and actually growing from 48% to 53.5%. Mac OS X is quite high on my site because I own a MacBook Pro and tend to write more about Mac OS X than Windows.
  • Regarding the screen resolution: 1920×1080 replaced 1440×900 as #1. 1366×768 had the highest relative increase from 9.43% to 12.55% (from #5 to #3).
  • 90% of the traffic is now search traffic (from 75% in the previous 6 months). Referral traffic went from 14.3% to 3.1%. I guess it’s mostly because the position of my blog articles in Google’s search results is much better. Search traffic still come almost only from Google, which is still above 99%.

Now the second year of has started. It’s not anymore about building up the site but about keeping it at the level where it is. Let’s see how the summary of this second year will look like in a year from now…

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