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My wireless router seems to feel ready for retirement. As long as I sit 2 meters away from it, the connection is good. At about 3 meters I loose the connection every 5 to 10 minutes. I have installer repeaters at the stairs in all floors. It used to work fine. But now with the router problems, there is almost no connectivity in the basement and bedrooms upstairs. In the beginning I thought the repeaters had problems so I reset them all reconfigured them, got mad, gave up, tried again… Until I notice I already had problem on the first floor 3 meters away from the router.

So I had a look at which router I should buy to replace it. My main requirement was a good range. Ideally I’d be able to be connected throughout the house without needing the repeaters. The minimum I need is that the range is good enough that my repeaters actually get some signal from the router.

I ended up looking at these two routers (I didn’t look at AC routers since I have no AC device and when it comes to hardware I’m not really an early adopter):

After reading many comments on Amazon I finally decided to go for the Asus router which seems to have a better range. The Netgear router looks better but this doesn’t really help me right now. Let’s see whether my whole house gets connected again when I get the new router…

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    1. The stupid thing is that after restarting the router about 3 times, giving up and ordering the new router, the old one started working perfectly again… I guess I’ll monitor it for the next few days and if the old one seems to work properly and my repeaters can connect without problems I might send the new router back without opening the box. Although it’d really be cool to have the six antennas and use it to do some radiation therapy on my neighbors ! Just need to figure out whether it’s worth the 120 Euro…

        1. I finally decided to switch to the new router even though the old one seems to work again, because with the 6 antennas I do have a much better coverage even though I’ve removed one repeater (Manage to get also 20Mbit/s in the bedroom upstairs !!!).

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