Sybase ASE Cookbook

I’ve compiled in this short ebook all posts I’ve ever written regarding Sybase ASE and tried to cluster them a little bit. This ebook is full of information useful when you work daily or once in a while with Sybase ASE. Sybase ASE is a high-performance and scalable database management system but it is also complex and not always easy to understand.

After working for over 10 years with ASE, I’ve gathered a lot of information I share on a daily basis with colleagues and once in a while on my blog at

I provide this ebook in the hope to be helpful. It is thus available for free. Since I’m not a professional writer, I do not have a crew of people proof-reading it. So spelling might be not as good as it should be and I can’t be sure that everything in there is 100% accurate. If you find any mistake, please contact me at and I’ll do my best to update it.

You can download the cookbook here.

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