WordPress: Deactivating Jetpack Comments

When activating the Jetpack module called Jetpack Comments, you will see the following banner after activation:

Jetpack Comments Activated

This actually clearly states how to disable it. But for some reason it took me a long time to find it, so I thought I’d write a post about it.

As stated in the banner, you need to go to the Jetpack modules page and click on “Learn More”:

Jetpack Comments Learn More

The “Deactivate” option will then be displayed:

Jetpack Comments Deactivate

The reason I couldn’t find it for a while is that a new area called “Jetpack Comments” is made visible and I was thus only looking at this area. But the “Deactivate” button is shown next to the “Learn More” button:

Jetpack Comments Deactivate Button

Just click on this button and Jetpack Comments will be deactivated.

By the way, after activating this module, there were absolutely no change on my site. So that’s the reason I deactivated it again. I just didn’t feel like trying to find out why it didn’t work…

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