WP Advertize It 1.0

One of my first plugin was a plugin called WP Advertize It which allows you to define HTML/JavaScript code blocks and embed them in your site at different locations. The plugin itself is not limited to displaying ads but the reason why I created it was to embed ads in my site (so that it can pay for the maintenance costs by itself). I’ve been using this plugin in many of my sites over the years.

We’ve now released a new version of the plugin which among new functionality also comes with an AngularJS based settings page. This first makes the settings UI more responsive and also made it easier to build a more modern UI. Of course, one of the goals of UI AngularJS was to check how well it can integrate in a WordPress context but it also comes with some benefits.

If you’re interested in checking how this works, you can download the plugin in the WordPress plugin repository and check the code !


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