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When I woke up this morning, I had about 40 more emails in my inbox than when I went to bed. 30 out of those 40 where notification from facebook. All related to group activities. You can of course turn these notifications off. But it took me forever to make sure that I do not get notified about any group activities or anything related to apps I’ve used once in the past and cleaning my inbox. I do not understand why Facebook does not simply use more restrictive settings as default. Why do they always need to use “yes, please spam me” as a default ?!??

Lately I haven’t present at all on facebook. I’m checking Google plus regularly but whenever I open facebook I see so many things I just don’t care about that I immediately close it. It’s a pity most of the people I know but do not get to see very often did not yet switch to Google Plus. This is simply a much better social network and does not force me to change my settings every few months in order not to have my inbox filled with crap or everybody able to see anything I or friends of mine have ever posted.

I’m pretty sure at some point in time (hopefully soon enough), most people will start understanding that Facebook is just a waste of time and will start switching to better social networks. Facebook just lives on it’s huge user base but is not interested in providing them with better contents or functionality. I guess it’s a common mistake made by products with a huge market share. Unfortunately for them, they will probably only understand it once it’s too late and slowly become irrelevant and only act once it’s already too late.

2 thoughts on “Facebook: Unwanted notifications

  1. well, I believe facebook e-mail notifications can be fixed easily, for me gmail send’s them directly to trash skipping inbox 🙂 as I can go to facebook if I want to check what’s up, rather than keeping me spammed with all the stuff.
    and facebook popularity? well doesn’t seem to disappear so soon, as it’s in (for users) and generates big money (for others)
    well, maybe it’s a time for some facebook app by Henri to resolve the spam problems 🙂

    1. Well who knows… Maybe Facebook will be the MySpace of this decade ! MySpace had about 50% market share 5 years ago and now I guess most people do not know whether it still exists or not…

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