SybaseBuddy is a small tool I’ve been writing for the past few months (after I’ve started working with a Sybase ASE system again). It’s basically a tool I use to connect to our different databases and help me run statements I always need but do not always remember and show the results in a tabular form. Over the time I’ve added a few extras like context menus allowing me to kill processes, show query plans, generate DDL, view data…

SybaseBuddy 1.3 was granted the 100% CLEAN award by Softpedia: Softpedia 100% clean award

The main requirements for the tool are:

  • Make it easy to switch between databases
  • Not require any kind of installation (except having Java installed)
  • Be easy to extend (adding a tab name and an SQL statement to tabs.ini)
  • Be able to export the result shown
  • Auto-refresh for statement monitoring

You can add more tabs in tabs.ini by adding the two following lines for each statement:

  • tabname_TABID=Tab displayed name
  • tabsql_TABID=SELECT somecolumns FROM sometable WHERE somecondition

where TABID can be anything you want be be unique for this tab.

Note that you shouldn’t have any double quotes in the SQL statement as they will be interpreted as a column alias. Instead use single quotes.

The items in the context menus can be customized starting with version 1.2. More details here.

You can download version 1.3 of the tool here

The source code is now available here.

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